Foals 2019

Breeding thinking means planning the mating carefully. I attach great importance to the best bloodlines combined with special colors, quality of the parents and a 1A character.

On my stud you will find every year a small, colorful foal group that grows up socialized. Thus, when you buy your desired foal, you will not receive a stretched character, but a friendly, affectionate and above all fond of children!

Some foals will also be for sale and can be reserved shortly after birth. I offer the families with children that they are allowed to visit the foal again and again until they are six months old. So they get to know their new family better and even the little foal gets used to the people, with whom it may spend its future.

Naomi Nugget el primor

  • Dunskin (mushroom carrier)
  • Filly

    Nadino Rock el primor

    • Grey (mushroom carrier)
    • Colt

    Pictures offsprings